Plovdiv City Guide


We didn’t have a PM working on the project who could do full-scale research, so I took the initiative and created a quick sprint in order to learn more about the market, product, target audience and competition.

User experience

Working with data collected during the research phase, I was able to set up user flows which we reviewed with the team. After that, we continued with the first version of wireframes.


I used Figma to handle feedback, communication and make prototypes. Usually, I’d upload the latest version of the wireframes (and later on designs) and record voice-over videos to walk the team through all the new changes and updates.

We completed a few rounds of updates to ensure the wireframes included everything we needed then moved on to designing the UI, which you can dive into in the next section.




I’m grateful for the opportunity to together with our team. I personally learned a ton about the process, cooperation and the tourist market. I also learned a lot about my hometown.

I’d like to highlight two things I think will have the most impact on my ongoing career and creative process:

The importance of research and strategy

I love to travel and the topic of the project really got me and I was much more into learning about the target audience than on previous projects. I gained a lot of experience related to the psychology of the user and their expectations from a product like this. Some of the methods/situations which I faced for the first time with Plovdiv City Guide were pretty eye-opening, and I believe I can repurpose the knowledge I gained for upcoming projects.

Don’t underestimate the marketing

In terms of production and development, I believe we optimized the process the best we could considering the circumstances and roadmap. On the other hand, I feel like we could have done more regarding marketing and communication to capitalize on the full potential of our network and the opportunities that showed up along the way. Better management and more planning just might do the trick next time.


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Skills: Mobile Design