Chicken Micken – Android Mobile Game

Hi guys, This is my first blog post and I decided to give you hint about the exciting new project me and two friends are working on right now.

I am happy to introduce you to our super simple, funny and killing time Android game called “Chicken Micken“.

About the game

There is beauty in simplicity

Chicken Micken is simple, addictive and highly competitive clicking game with awesome features. Gradually revealing different stages, game modes and unexpected ending will constantly keep you on your toes.

I am close to giving you more detail but for now you can check the amazing teaser.

What I do

My responsibilities on the project include the mobile design of the game, the development of the game (character) as a brand. Furthermore I was doing the web site development, its design and traffic growth. And last but not least I was the art director of the project.

In conclusion

We are still fixing bugs and doing some final things, but the end is near. The game is in final stage of development and in just a couple of days it will be available to download in Google Play. And it will be free.

For more information and upcoming news follow Chicken Micken on facebook and the website